Graphite is carbon crystal and nonmetal material with the characteristics of soft texture, metal luster, Mohs hardness 1~2, specific gravity 2.2~2.3, volumetric weight 1.5~1.8 and with high melting point.

Graphite is a kind of natural carbon that can be easily pulverized and can be artificially crystallized. Karabacak Extractive continues production with the fully updated  flotation plant having the capacity of 4500MT production per month.

Fixed carbon: 60-83%

Moisture: 1-10%

Size: 100-325 mesh

Sulphur content: 0.2-0.4%.

It is known as excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, which is twice that of carbon steel and 100 times that of most nonmetal materials. It is also excellent lubrication and plasticity.

With stable chemical properties and corrosions resistance of acid, alkali and organic solvent, graphite has been widely used in modern industries as the fireproof material, electric conducting material, antifriction material, in foundry, during molding, pressing die and high temp metallurgy, and with the function to prevent scale from buildup in boilers.

In addition, graphite can prevent rusts on metal chimney, building roof, bridge and pipeline.

It can be used as pencil core, pigment and polishing agent. After special treatment, graphite is used in some industries as impervious graphite. In the below you can see the applications that use graphite.



Melting and crucible, casting, pencil, carbon brushes in electrical motor and generator, iron and steel industry in metallurgy, dry battery powder, composite parts, aircraft jet engine part, refractory brick and material, casting paint, horizontal retort, stone paint, eletrode, piston ring, thrust bearing, journal bearing, vane, coating, shaft, brake lining, brake pad, fuel cell, gasket, foil, seal, computer circuit board, sport equipment, powder metal, fire retardant, welding, plastic additivies, electro- typing heat changer, carbon raiser, lubricant,chemical, seed and fertilizer coating, rust remover, electrical and mechenical applications.